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5 Reasons Why Plant Based Products Are Taking Over

More and more people are figuring out that opting for plant-based ingredients doesn’t mean compromising on scent, color, or fun – especially when it comes to making a splash at bath time! Still need convincing? We’ve rounded up some fascinating facts to show you why plant-based products are the cleanest way to get clean.

Looking After Mother Nature

Nature gives us clean, delicious-smelling ingredients, so it’s only fair that we take care of nature in return. Plant-based products break down more easily once they’re washed down the drain and are non-toxic so they don’t leave any dangerous stuff in the water cycle that could harm wildlife. High five for being green and clean!

Soft, Soft, Soft 

The natural ingredients in plant-based soaps do their job really well, while still being kind to skin. All those great ingredients are extra good at moisturizing and hydrating, so bath time artists can get on with creating masterpieces, and you have one less thing to worry about! 


Animals Love Them Too!

We’re big fans of furry friends at Dabble and Dollop (and scaly, feathered and fur-free creatures too), and we’ll never test the things we make on them since nothing funny or synthetic goes into them. We are Leaping Bunny certified! That’s a big win for the planet, for animals and for humans taking a dip.

Planted in the USA

Did you know our plant-based ingredients are all sourced from right here in the US of A? We take pride in knowing what goes into everything we make. In fact, we even know the ingredient manufacturers and have toured most of their plants (he he)! So, we can put our hand on our heart and tell you, “we are using the best of the best”. That means USA-sourced plant-based products and amazing scents that are out of this world!  

Spoiled for Choice

Nature’s full of exciting ingredients to help us mix up the things we make. We’ve got an absolute tub-load of colors, scents, shapes, sizes and textures to get your hands on, from honeydew melon bath bombs, coconut gels, vanilla whips and even a recipe book so they can mix things up for themselves.

Say goodbye to boring bath time and hello to plant-based potions!

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