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It's Out of Hand!

At the outset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we saw supplies of daily staples running low. Some made sense…and some were, well…real head scratchers. Let’s just say it’s good to see “TP” back on the shelves.


But, some of the shortages made perfect sense. Disinfecting wipes, Lysol spray (please do not inject), surgical masks, and, of course, hand sanitizers. The sanitizer shortage enticed scores of companies getting into the game. Some were doing it altruistically – e.g. alcohol distilleries switching from scotch to sanitizer to help first responders. But we also saw price gouging, fake product, and ineffective, watered-down formulas. This, plus the emergence of Instagram Inventors and Tik Tok Technicians showing people how to make hand sanitizer from common household products created what we called “sanitizer insanity!” It’s so crazy in fact that neither Instagram nor Facebook allow companies to even advertise they have it!

At Dabble & Dollop, we discussed launching a children’s Hand Hygiene line (including hand wash, hand sanitizer, and lotion). Pre-COVID, that was likely going to be a 2021 event. But, given our connections in the ingredients space, we were inundated with suppliers, formulators and other companies that love our brand asking whether we would launch a hand sanitizer now! Not surprisingly, “Hand Sanitizer” is now the #1 search term on our site.

We wrestled with the positives and negatives of launching this product. On one hand (no pun intended), we knew we could create a high quality, CDC-recommended, safe, great smelling hand sanitizer that our customers would love. On the other hand, we did not want to be viewed as trying to capitalize on tragedy, or worse, violating our customers’ trust. After much discussion, we decided to create a limited run of product using the tangerine scent we use in our 3-in-1 bath gel.

Dabble & Dollop Hand Sanitizer is 100% American Made with a 62% organic alcohol formulation meeting the CDC’s recommended potency. Our sanitizer is in gel form, again recommended by the CDC, because it spreads easily kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses (including COVID-19). We use denatured alcohol for safety, and we assay (test) every batch to ensure we meet the CDC’s minimum alcohol content. Our formula dries quickly and leaves behind a fresh tangerine scent. It doesn’t feel tacky after application and doesn’t leave a sticky residue. As an extra step, we use witch hazel water to nourish and help moisturize the hands.  


We tested our product with some friends, and one, who is a senior executive at a large regional bank, was so impressed that she ordered 1,000 additional bottles from us and will be using them in their Southern California banking branches!


Committed to value pricing, our goal is to get our product into the hands (ok, pun intended this time) of those that really need it. We will also be donating products to two local charities with whom we work so they can be distributed to those in need in the Long Beach, California community.


We are proud to offer this product to you and hopefully, you will agree that we found the right balance.

Please note: All children under 6 should be supervised by an adult when using a hand sanitizer. Made in the Southern California with USA-made ingredients including:  62% Organic Alcohol, Carbomer, Witch Hazel Water, Fragrance (Plant based & Nature Identical/Synthetic).

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