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Introducing Dabble & Dollop Droplets - The Next Little Thing in Bath Bombs

On Monday, we launched our mini & mixable version of bath bombs called Dabble & Dollop Droplets. We are so excited and it proved to be a record order day for us!

We all know the bath bomb category is super popular, and people would often stop me and ask if we were going to have them. But before we launched our version, we wanted to make sure we were able to put our Dabble & Dollop spin on things. Specifically, our bath bombs needed to use the highest quality ingredients, be safe, be mixable and of course just be a lot of fun!

So here are some quick bullets about what makes Dabble & Dollop Droplets different: 

  • DROPLETS are right sized for your little – at 1” in diameter they fit kids’ hands perfectly and don’t contain any fillers or plastic toys inside. Less is more here, in our opinion. Kids don’t need to be over-stimulated with ginormous bright toy filled bombs to have fun in the tub. 
  • DROPLETS are designed to be mixed, making them different than any other bath bomb out there. Drop one strawberry and one vanilla in the tub and voila! a strawberry shortcake bath. Two tangerines and a honeydew? What do you call that? Your little one will be beaming with pride as they customize their experience and create unique concoctions in each tub. 
  • DROPLETS are formulated naturally and simply. We use very few ingredients as the focus of bath bombs is natural scents and the fizzy fun.
  • DROPLETS utilize natural minerals and clays to provide color. There are no synthetic or FD&C colors used - only naturally occurring clays (e.g green clay for our honeydew) and iron oxides which are often utilized in natural formulas.
  • DROPLETS are sold in a set of 12 with four different scents to enjoy. At 19.99, we think it’s real value! I was at Target a month ago and noted one large bath bomb was being sold for $6 alone! We aim for our Droplets to last several baths, not just one. 
  • DROPLETS are formulated and made in California, USA. We manufacture at professional facilities to perfect our products. No “made in our kitchen sink” bath stuff here. Oh, our boxes are designed and manufactured in California too!
  • DROPLETS are all natural, cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free. We worked hard to ensure that our Droplets were formulated within these parameters. 

Finally, with many of us at home, we wanted to do what we could to make your children’s shopping easier. So we hope you’ll take advantage of our FREE SHIPPING in April and give our DROPLETS a try. And if you love them, please share your photos @dabbleanddollop and review them if you can on our site! 

Cheers to more fun in the tub and a better bath for our little ones! 

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