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New Year...NEW PRODUCTS!!!

I am so grateful for the small but mighty following we’ve generated in our first few months of being in business; and I can’t think of a better way to thank you than to offer more good, clean fun! We’re very excited to report that the latest R&D (research & dabbling) in our laboratory has resulted in exciting new product launches coming very soon. We closed out our 2019 working diligently, getting ready to deliver more bubbly & fizzy fun in the tub.


We’ve learned that our customers appreciate the premium quality, the natural and sustainable elements of our formula and design, and amazing aromas. But it’s the act of mixing that the kids (and parents) really, REALLY love! 

With that in mind, we will expand our lineup from 3 to 7 mixable washes in 2020. In addition to our Strawberry, Vanilla & Tangerine formulations, we will launch Honeydew, Blueberry, Coconut and Lemon. These are scents we love and several of them were suggestions from our customers and friends using our products!

These additional scents will give our Tub Club subscribers myriad options to choose from with each shipment. With the new additions, children will have hundreds of new recipes to whip up for their bubbly baths, body washes and shampoos. Blueberry-Lemonade body wash? Coconut Cream Pie shampoo? There will be so many possibilities! And, all the fun ships free to your doorstep when you are a Tub Club subscriber.

In addition to the new washes, we will launch a set of mixable bath bombs, called Dabble & Dollop Droplets. As a parent, I’ve always had mixed emotions about bath bombs. Are they really necessary? What are manufacturers putting in those things? Is this trend a bubble that's about to burst?  Well, turns out people still love them, but we also wanted to add our Dabble & Dollop twist. So we’ve decided to mix them up!

What makes our Droplets unique is that they are designed to mix!  A couple Droplets of strawberry, a couple Droplets vanilla and, well, you should know by now! 


I also love that we continue to focus on formulas that follow our “less than 10” ingredient philosophy. 100% natural, no artificial dyes or unnecessary filler ingredients. Just the gentlest moisturizing oils released with kid favored “satisfying” fizzing and those fresh fruit aromas. Our Droplets will be mini sized at 1”. Fizzy fun for all! Delivering the safest and gentlest way for your children to enjoy the sensory experience of bath bombs.


Thank you so very much for supporting our little brand and helping fuel our dreams of a better bath for our littlest ones. Please, keep sending us your feedback and new product ideas - (and your children’s too!) as we are committed to accounting for every comment, note and review we receive. Cheers to a new year filled with exciting possibilities. Wishing everyone a fizzy, fun-filled bubbly 2020. 


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