Our Ingredient Philosophy: The Case for Less

Some of you may know I’ve decided to launch my own line of children’s mixable bath & shower products. Called Dabble & Dollop, we plan a “soft launch” this Summer, with a real push online during the Back to School season. After 20 years working as a supplier in the cosmetic and personal care industry, you may be curious what ingredients I ended up choosing to use in the products. Would I take page from my past and load the ingredient “deck” with a wide array of exotic ingredients from all over the world? Well, perhaps surprisingly, I decided instead to take a page from Marie Kondo (and not Marie Claire) by selecting a precious few ingredients that I believe are essential and effective and of course, they must “spark joy!” Like the Kon-Marie method I am embracing the philosophy that “less is more,” and believe this is particularly important in a children’s bath product. The way I see it, if focusing on the joyful essentials is good for your home, your closet and your office… well then, it’s bound to be perfect for the tub!

Take a look at the labels of some of the leading products in thechildren’s bath space. Maybe they feature a butterfly, a smiling sun, oralien in a space suit. Now turn them around. While their branding andmessaging may be different, one thing is generally the same – theiringredients. That is, the number of ingredients. Amazingly, theseproducts each contain, 20, 25 or even 30 different ingredients! Itshould lead you to wonder, “Why so many ingredients for a children’sproduct?” Well, any industry expert (including this one) will tell youthat 70% of the ingredients are fillers, used for marketing claims, usedto sway the consumer into believing that there’s lots of good naturalstuff in the bottle. And the more “good natural stuff” there is insomething the better it is. Right?

Well, a growing list of industries seem to disagree. One example is the food and beverage space. Once a bastion of “product bloat,” what we now see are food and beverage innovators developing products with less, not more. Naked Juice, Kind Bars, Trader Joe’s. Oh, and have you seen a Panera Bread ad recently? Their slogan? “Food as it Should Be” – 100% clean food. So if the future of food is about fewer, cleaner ingredients, why have we not seen the Clean Movement come to the world of getting clean?!

With Dabble & Dollop, I challenged our formulators to create the highest quality, most gentle, best smelling, children’s brand using the fewest ingredients possible.  Yes, that is right – the fewest ingredients possible.  I am very happy to report that we ended up with 10 ingredients or less in each formula (including water).  The products I am launching are designed to get your children clean, creatively.  They are mixable products designed to be complementary so kids can make their own bubbles, bodywash and/or shampoo in a variety of great smelling scents.  The process of putting the products together, connecting with their products, and using their imagination is where we differ. Our ingredients are not magical, they are simply functional and of the highest quality.  It’s the interaction with the products that is magical and that is our secret ingredient!

Also, our ingredients are sourced, formulated and produced in the United States by reputable experts, using ethical manufacturing and natural ingredient technologies.  It was important to me to not only use ingredients that are naturally sourced, but also that they are ethically produced – meaning, they are produced in the most sustainable way by good, decent, ethical companies and people I personally know.  That is what is important to me, knowing some of the other horror stories I’ve heard spending twenty years behind the scenes.

So, when you are looking at your children’s bath products, think about your spouse’s closet. Does he really need all 18 of those hoodie sweatshirts?  Does she really need and love all eight pairs of Ugg Boots? Do you really need to bathe your children in 30+ ingredients? Or do you just want them to have good, clean fun?

If you would like to learn more about Dabble & Dollop, join our Tub Club and be one of the first to learn about our product launch and future update, please visit us at www.dabbledollop.com and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @dabbleanddollop