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What is the Best Bubble Bath for Kids?

What IS the best bubble bath for kids?  And does “best” mean safest?  Does it mean that the bubble bath has been tested to be non-irritating and tear-free?  Does it mean that all ingredients are naturally derived?  Does “best” mean that all ingredients and packaging are produced and sourced from the United States and the product itself is made in the USA? Certainly, at the bare minimum, the best bubble bath should produce bubbles, smell great and actually function as a cleanser, right?

When my children were babies & toddlers, friends used to ask me all the time what I used on my own children.  They asked because they knew that my former business was selling natural ingredients into baby/children’s product lines.  With ingredients being one of the most important and now scrutinized aspects of a product, they figured I had the inside knowledge and know-how to answer to “What is the Best Bubble Bath for Kids?”.

boy in tub looking at three bottles of bubble bath

When I heard the word “best” I immediately thought of “safest”.  Everything else was second to the importance that the product was safe.  Let’s be clear - we’re talking about my babies here and what I felt comfortable having them soak in for 20 minutes (or often, longer).  One thing that upset me more than anything about a few of my former customers was that they didn’t conduct any safety testing.  They simply launched their natural baby bath’s on the market with zero irritation studies or tear-free claims. They also very willingly sourced ingredients from China that one could readily buy from the United States, for the purpose of saving money. I wouldn’t put my money (or business) on the quality of raw materials coming from China; I think that goes without saying! 

I hate to bad mouth a brand and former customer, so instead allow me to offer you some advice - please notice that if you don’t see a tear-free claim on a product designed for children you have to ask yourself why?  If they don’t have a tear-free claim, then is it likely that they probably didn’t do irritation testing either?  Again, I will not mention the brands that were guilty of this (as its possible they’ve cleaned up their acts now) but I can assure you that at least 3 of the brands I recently saw on a “Best Bubble Bath for Kids” list did not conduct any safety testing.  Scary stuff if you ask me!!

Personally, if you are going to spend money on a bubble bath, it better foam, otherwise what is the point of using it exactly?  Two of the other brands I recently saw on a “best bubble bath for kids” list do not foam well at all.  Our bubble baths, also designed as body washes and shampoos, all produce beautiful foam.  Please know, our bubble bath is not going to bubble like Mr. Bubble.  But, then again, Mr. Bubble is not exactly known to be Mr. Safety First.  He’s also not Mr. Mixitup either.  Our mixable bubble baths make bath time so much more fun for kids, not to mention a delightful sensory experience all around.

There are many wonderful natural bubble baths for kids – but why not use the one that you know is the safest? And the one that you know your children will love the most? My experience as a mother and a  natural ingredient expert gave me the unique insight needed to create what I felt would truly be the “best bubble bath for kids”.

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