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Why Bathing At Bedtime Is The Dream!

Some people prefer to take a bath first thing in the morning, some take a dip after soccer practice, and for some families, getting their kids into the bath at all is a trophy worthy accomplishment!


While we are fine with bath time anytime, at Dabble and Dollop, we’re big believers in the bedtime bath. We know that no one wants to get into bed when they’re grubby and grimy, but there are some other important reasons too.

First up, doing the same stuff every evening helps us wind down for bedtime, which is extra important for little ones who’ve been hopping, skipping and bouncing through the day. Our bodies are super smart and learn to get nice and relaxed when we have the same routine each and every bedtime. 


Second, science tells us that taking a bath before bed makes sleeping easier (and we’re big science fans over here)! Baths are warm and cozy like a big, fluffy bedspread, and moreover, the warm water also makes our blood come to the surface of our skin and our blood vessels open up. That means little bodies cool down as soon as they’re done with a dip, and a drop in body temperature of even one degree helps us sleep more easily, sleep for longer and lowers the chances of waking up in the night - which lowers the chance of you getting little visitors, too!


The final reason we love bedtime baths so much is that they’re a great opportunity to hang out and spend some quality time catching up with your little ones about their day, their bath toys, and their wildest dreams. Having your total attention and a helping hand whipping up watery potions, decorating tiles with fruity faces and creating delicious smells with scented whips is a real treat, and helps them mellow out and slow down. 

Even better, so does skin on skin contact when you give them a scrub - even though they might not always love it! Chatting to grownups helps them understand the big wide world, make sense of the things they’ve learned that day, and feel safe and ready to head to their bed to dream up even more bath time masterpieces.


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