Dabble & Dollop Infant Essential Set, Dabble Ducky With Skin Repairing Beta-glucan to Strengthen and Soothe Sensitive and Eczema Skin

Nourishing Infant Skin with Beta-Glucan and Sun Protection with Briar Baby Bonnets + A Giveaway

Summer is a time for creating precious memories, but amidst the joy and excitement, it's essential to prioritize the well-being of your baby's delicate skin. Their sensitive skin requires more than just protection—it deserves extra love and care for repair and strengthening!

This is why combining the nurturing power of our Dabble & Dollop Beta-Glucan Enriched infant products with the adorable sunbonnets from Briar Baby, will help unlock the secrets of summer sun safety!

 Let's dive into how our trusty partnership provides the ultimate care and defense your baby's skin deserves!

Infant sun protection baby bonnets

Why Infant Skin Needs Special Sun Protection

First up, let's talk about our little ones' secret weakness: and no, it's not their uncanny ability to turn you into a sleep-deprived zombie. It's their thin skin! Yes, you heard it right. Infants have skin as delicate as a butterfly's wing, making them more vulnerable to the sun's UV radiation.

At this stage in their lives, infant’s thinner epidermis and dermis layers put them at risk of sunburns and long-term consequences. This is why protection is of the utmost importance.

But that's not all. Their natural defense system, melanin, is still in its early stages of development, leaving babies in need of external protection against those sneaky UV rays.

It's like sending a rookie superhero into battle without a proper shield!

Due to its thinness and reduced ability to produce melanin, the pigment that helps protect against the sun's harmful UV rays, sunscreen is generally not recommended for infants until they reach a certain age. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises waiting until infants are at least six months old before using sunscreen. This recommendation is to minimize potential skin irritation, allergic reactions, and the absorption of chemicals into their developing bodies. During this critical period, it is best to shield infants from direct sun exposure. And that's where the trusty sun bonnet comes in, ready to save the day!

Everything You Need For Baby's Perfect Beach Day

But hold on tight because we're not done yet! Did you know that infants have a high surface area to body weight ratio, putting them at a higher risk of dehydration under the scorching sun's heat? It's like their little bodies are sponges, soaking up every drop of sunshine and risking their skin's health in the process. That's why proper hydration, both internally and topically, is the key to keeping them happy and healthy.

So, grab that water bottle, your Dabble Ducky Infant Essential Kit, and your favorite Briar Baby Bonnet because we're diving into the secrets of protecting and repairing your little one's delicate skin.


3 Steps to Healthier, Hydrated, and Repaired Skin with The First-Ever EWG Verified Beta-Glucan Foaming Infant Wash


Step 1: Start with Dabble Ducky Infant Wash. This gentle cleanser is the only EWG Verified infant wash that preps sensitive infant skin for repair. Infused with beta-glucan, a natural polysaccharide found in oats, barley, and even mushrooms, it supports the skin's healing process, enhances the protective barrier, promotes hydration, and soothes irritation and dryness.

Step 2: Nurture and safeguard your baby's skin with Dabble Ducky Infant Balm. Eczema-prone skin often struggles with a compromised barrier, leaving it vulnerable to irritants. However, beta-glucan has been recognized for its remarkable ability to fortify and repair the skin's protective barrier, reducing susceptibility to external triggers. Add a layer of our lovingly crafted Dabble Ducky Infant Balm to effectively hydrate, strengthen, restore suppleness, and shield delicate skin from harmful sun rays. Allow it to absorb before layering and witness your baby's skin radiate with happiness.


Step 3: Complete the sun protection routine with a cute bonnet. Not only does it add the most adorable style, but it also provides an extra layer of defense against UV rays. The American Academy of Pediatrics' Sun Safety guide recommends that babies and children wear a hat with an all-around 3-inch brim to shield the face, ears, and back of the neck when exposed to the sun.

Luckily for us, our friends at Briar Baby, based in Vancouver, Washington, have designed the most stylish and functional bonnets for little ones that check all of these safety measures so that your baby will look adorable and be protected at the same time.

Follow these three steps to become the superhero of infant skincare!

Hydrate, protect, and nourish your way to healthy, baby skin with Briar Baby Bonnets and The Dabble Ducky Infant Essential Kit.

Remember, every infant's skin is unique, and what works for one may not work for another. It is crucial to monitor your baby's skin and consult with a healthcare professional for personalized advice.

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