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Where are your products made and is your packaging recyclable?

Our products are made in California, USA from 100% USA-sourced ingredients! Our bottles are also made in the USA and are recyclable in most major U.S. cities. Furthermore, our bottles are made from Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic so we’re doing all we can to make sure we’re keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum! While we strive to produce 100% of our products and source 100% of our components in the U.S., we do reserve the right to use globally sourced materials should domestic availability or supply chain issues dictate.

Are your products safe for all ages?

Yes, absolutely! While we designed the products for children ages 2-12, they have been tested as safe for babies, older children, parents, and even grandparents! Dabble & Dollop products all underwent extensive testing to obtain a “tear-free” claim, meaning the products themselves do not cause any eye irritation. Keep in mind, a toddler may not enjoy getting product in their eyes, even if it doesn’t sting, so we do not recommend putting product in the eyes and this is stated on our bottles. We also had the product tested by dermatologists to ensure we could claim Dabble & Dollop is “hypoallergenic.”

Are your products all-natural? Do you use any dyes?

Dabble & Dollop uses 100% naturally derived, plant-based ingredients as well as 100% natural oils and 100% non-toxic, allergen-free, nature identical aromatics. Our aromatics make up less than one half of one percent of our formula. 100% of our primary ingredients are naturally derived, sustainably-sourced, and made in the USA. Our 3-in-1 products and our Cherry on Top Conditioner are 100% dye free. Our 100% natural bath bombs use natural colorants (clays, oxides, oils) to achieve their subtle fresh colors.

Does Dabble & Dollop use parabens or phthalates?

No. We do not use parabens or phthalates in any of our products.


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