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Alas, a Conditioner that Actually Detangles!

Alas, a Conditioner that Actually Detangles!

When my children were young it used to frustrate me to no end that the children’s conditioners on the market did not work well at all. I was desperate to find one that would truly detangle.  One of my daughter’s would rock herself to sleep and wake up with a nest of tangles that were nearly impossible to get out.  Even using a ponytail at night wouldn’t do the trick – the top of her head would still get all tangled up and make for a painful and lengthy brushing process. I used a lot of leave-in detanglers but found that they would cause build up on the hair that would eventually make those night time tangles even worse.  

At bath time, I tried virtually every children’s conditioner and none of them worked well enough.  I could not understand why, as an ingredient expert, I knew there was a way to create an excellent detangling conditioner.  At my former ingredient company we sold excellent detangling ingredients to Paul Mitchell, Toni & Guy and Pureology, to name a few, so I knew that here at Dabble & Dollop we could get this product right and it would fill a missing need in the market. 

This is how our Cherry on Top Conditioner was born.  It is a very simple, gentle, safe formula that uses a powerful detangler, Behentrimonium Methosulfate (BTMS), which is typically reserved for adult shampoos geared to dry/damaged hair, most likely due to its high cost. Why other children’s conditioners did not use this ingredient was beyond my comprehension. It is so mild that it is even used in leave-on lotion and cream products. Not surprisingly, today our Cherry on Top Conditioner is one of our best-sellers with incredible five star reviews.  Alas, a conditioner that actually detangles!

What is Behentrimonium Methosulfate (BTMS)?
Behentrimonium Methosulfate (BTMS) is a quaternary ammonium compound used in hair conditioners and hair care products. Despite its name, it is important to understand that BTMS is not a sulfate but rather a conditioning agent.
BTMS is known for its excellent detangling properties. It is a cationic surfactant, meaning it carries a positive charge. This positive charge allows BTMS to effectively bind to the negatively charged surface of the hair, forming a thin film or coating that helps smoothen the hair cuticle, reduce frizz, improve detangling, and enhance overall hair manageability. 

The use of BTMS is multi-functional, meaning that it not only conditions, it helps emulsify as well.  As an emulsifier it helps to blend oil and water-based ingredients in hair care formulations. It assists in creating stable emulsions, allowing oils and other conditioning agents to be evenly distributed throughout the product and applied to the hair. But that’s not all it does…

BTMS also has excellent moisturizing properties and helps to increase the water content in the hair, promoting hydration and softness. It can enhance the overall moisture retention of the hair strands, especially in dry or damaged hair.
Equally important to its main function as a detangling agent, it is super gentle and non-irritating: In fact, BTMS is known for its mild and non-irritating nature. It is considered a gentle alternative to harsher conditioning agents, such as certain silicones or quaternary ammonium compounds. BTMS is generally well-tolerated by most individuals, including those with sensitive scalps or skin.
BTMS has excellent “wet feel”, a term we use in the industry that I’ll explain next. 

The term "wet feel" refers to the tactile sensation or texture experienced when the conditioner is applied to wet hair during the washing process. It describes how the conditioner feels on the hair strands and scalp when it comes into contact with water.

Conditioners with a good wet feel tend to have a slippery or smooth texture when applied to wet hair. This characteristic helps the conditioner spread easily across the hair and scalp, making it easier to distribute throughout the hair. Conditioners with a strong wet feel provide a really great sense of lubrication or slip. This lubrication helps reduce friction between the hair strands and allows for gentle detangling and combing during the washing process. When the hair comes into contact with water (for example, when the hair is thoroughly coated and submerged in the bath water), you can use your fingers to gently separate the hair and remove any tangles you are trying to tackle.  This makes for a much more enjoyable combing process once out of the bath. Any lingering tangles can easily be addressed with very gentle combing. 

Conditioners with a good wet feel are typically designed to rinse off easily and leave minimal residue behind. They do not leave the hair feeling overly heavy, greasy, or weighed down after rinsing, contributing to a clean and refreshed feeling.

I cannot stress how important “wet feel” is in a conditioner. Achieving a desirable wet feel helps make the conditioning process more enjoyable, improves hair manageability, and contributes to the overall perception of the shampoo's effectiveness.

Why we Use Scent in our Conditioner
Adding a pleasant scent to conditioners enhances the overall sensory experience of using the product. The scent can provide a pleasing aroma that lingers on the hair, creating a sense of freshness and cleanliness. The scent can also evoke positive emotions and contribute to a feeling of well-being during and after hair care routines.

The natural cherry scent in our conditioner was chosen not only for its pleasant aroma but also for its potential aromatherapeutic benefits. For example, essential oils like lavender or citrus oils are known for their calming or invigorating properties, respectively. Incorporating our natural cherry scents in our Cherry on Top conditioner creates both a relaxing and uplifting experience during bath time. 

Scent is a highly subjective aspect of personal care products, and people have different preferences when it comes to scents, especially children. Children LOVE our cherry scent, and adults can’t get enough of it either. 

Our natural cherry scent has a sweet (relaxing) and fruity (uplifting) aroma, which is highly appealing to children. The pleasant and enticing cherry scent can evoke positive sensory experiences and create a real sense of enjoyment during use.  Many children are familiar with the scent of cherries through various contexts, such as the “cherry on top” of desserts or as the special accoutrement in a Shirley Temple. Sometimes there’s nothing better than a simple bowlful of cherries as an afternoon snack or treat. The association of our cherry scent with enjoyable and tasty treats can make it more appealing to children.

In conclusion, our Cherry on Top Conditioner is literally the “Cherry on Top” of bath time!  Still don’t believe me?  Order a sample and give it a try yourself – we 100% guarantee it will become your favorite product after your first use.  Alas, a conditioner that actually detangles AND smells amazing!

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