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Market Level Information

What are the key considerations when shopping for skin care/bath products for your kids?

Where do you purchase bath products for your kids?

What skin considerations, if any, do your kids have?

Brand Level Information

Net Promoter Score (NPS) – 82.7

We asked people on a scale of 1-10 whether they would recommend our brand to someone else. An NPS score above 71 is considered excellent, so we were thrilled to see our score at 82.7! This puts us in the top percentile according to research performed by Bain and Company.Learn More

We then asked whether people not just would recommend Dabble & Dollop, but actively HAVE recommended us. A stunning 75% of respondents said they have recommended us to a friend, family member or other contact! We are so thrilled to see this and thank all of you for helping spread the word about our family business. It’s truly an honor.Finally, we asked if our products met our customers expectations and needs. Just over 97% said yes! We’d love to chat with the other 3% to see how we could be better – but we were so satisfied to see this incredible response.

What’s Next

We asked you what other products, scents and options you would like to see from us. The number 1 most requested item was….LOTIONS! This was great to hear as we already had our layering lotion in the works in testing. You may have heard we just launched lotions this week.

You can click here and use your coupon code below to try them out if you have not already!
Other products customers want to see us create include: toothpaste, sunscreen, more bath-bomb like products, bath bars and whipped soap.

Of course we are known for our amazing, authentic, all-natural scents so we asked which scents you would most like to see next. The winners are:

The most interesting and original suggestions were Lychee, Chocolate & Cinnamon Sugar! We shall see!