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Happy Hand Wash for Ambassadors


Brand Ambassador Fact Sheet

  • 100% natural USA-sourced ingredients
  • 100% natural vanilla (Ice Cream) & brown sugar (Cake) scents
  • 100% bio-based & biodegradable coconut-derived cleansers
  • Made in California, USA
  • ph-Balanced formulation
  • Gentle, clinically-tested moisturizers
  • USA-made bottles featuring post-consumer recycled materials
  • 16 fl. oz. total - sold only as a set


As Dabble & Dollop Brand Ambassador, you have insider access to launches before the general public. In your first mission, should you choose to accept it, we’d like to enlist you to help by:


1.       Trying out our new kit;

2.       Writing a review about your experience using the product;

3.       Posting about the kit on social media;

4.       Recommending it to your friends & using your personal Ambassador link and Coupon Code so they can save and you can make $$$!


How Will This Work? 


We’d love to simply send out free products and hope everyone helps out – but we’ve learned that the best partnerships are ones where both sides have some “skin in the game.” We promise to refund 100%of your purchase, but we need to make sure you post and share!

What to Do:


1.       Purchase the kit(s)* directly from us HERE;

2.       Use coupon code HAPPYHANDS10 and you will get 10% off your purchase price;

3.       We will immediately send you a link to review the product (normally we do this 14days after purchase);

4.       Once you receive and use Happy Happy Handwash, write a review** using the link provided;


On Social Media we ask that you:


  • Post at least one image, and/or a video highlighting our Happy Happy Handwash kit;

  • You can include content like opening the packaging, pumping a dabble and a dollop of each and mixing them together or lots of foamy suds while your child washes their hands!

  • Tag @dabbleanddollop on your post and comment on any of the many reasons you love our Handwash kit

  • Post your personal link and discount code where your followers can purchase for themselves (so you can make $$$).

* You may purchase up to two kits as part of this program.

**While we love 5-star reviews, a 5-star review is not necessary to receive a refund.

Closing the Loop

So that we can find your posts and validate them, please send us a personal email to:, 

with your social media handle and a link to your review on our site. We will also be able to see your reviews on our review platform when you submit them. 

Once we check off these boxes, we will: 

REFUND YOU 100% OF YOUR PURCHASE PRICE (including shipping)!!


Social Media Tips

• Please ensure videos are at least 3 seconds in duration.

• Please make sure the environment you are filming in follows our “clean and simple” motto.

• We would love to hear the kids humming along or singing the Happy Birthday song!

• Images and videos must be clear and steady.

• Image Posts must show our Dabble & Dollop branding or product.

• Pictures and/or videos must be “kid-safe” and not include frontal shots with bare skin below the shoulders or images shot from behind with bare skin below the waist.

• Must use the tags #CreativelyClean and #HappyHappyHandwash in your post.