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Our Mission

Dabble & Dollop… and delight

Customization for Curious, Creative Kids

Dabble & Dollop creates fun and safe children’s bath products.  Our formulations and fragrances are designed to be mixed.   Let your kids express their creativity and mix things up.  Watch your children as they Dabble & Dollop & delight!

Kids are not babies and we believe they should have bath products that are designed with their interests and preferences in mind.  Baby products are intended for two week old infant skin, not for your 5 year old!  And while the Mom of an infant may love the calming smell of lavender, most 7 year old’s would not.   

Purity and safety are of upmost importance at Dabble & Dollop.  We have intentionally kept our formulations simple and as natural as possible (99%!) without sacrificing performance.  We stay away from long ingredient decks that have unnecessary additives.  We believe, especially when it comes to kids, that purity and safety should trump everything.

Dabble & Dollop has partnered with leading fragrance experts to ensure that kids get a meaningful and powerful sensory experience when using the products.  Smelling the aroma of your shampoo or bodywash is often one of the best parts of the bath and shower time for kids.   We have spared no expense when it comes to launching the best series of clean fragrance notes possible.


Dabble & Dollop… and do the right thing

Clean Ingredients…Naturally

All Dabble & Dollop products utilize ingredients that are naturally sourced.  Parents can rest assured that every ingredient has been hand selected by ingredient experts for quality, effectiveness and safety.  Naturally sourced ingredients represent 99% of our formulations.  Unlike other children’s brands, Dabble & Dollop does not overload our formulations with dozens of unnecessary ingredients.  Our intention is to deliver the purest and most effective products – we only use what is absolutely necessary to create our products (e.g. no long list of extracts that serve no purpose and just wash down the drain)

(Fragrance):  We use scientifically designed fragrances that are safe, powerful and include natural sourcing.  Knowing that the experience of fragrance can imprint and can leave us with lifelong memories, we knew we had to get this right. Dabble & Dollop believes in “kid first” preferences, therefore we’ve selected kid-friendly notes that kids prefer.  The notes are one they will experience throughout their lives (e.g. opening an orange or baking with vanilla), and we do not use fake “sugary” versions.

Dabble & Dollop… and donate

Purpose-filled Products

By purchasing Dabble & Dollop products, you indirectly support STEAM initiatives we are passionate about.  First, by supporting our brand, you support future scientists -- we have committed to donate our time to K-8 schools by offering custom “Kids Science Days” where classrooms of children learn about their bath & body products and get to make their own products, such as a shampoo.  In these environments, children discover an interest in science (insert pic from kids science day). 

We also support the following STEAM organizations:

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