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Hi, I'm Stephanie Leshney, Founder of Dabble & Dollop. After spending over twenty years in the natural ingredient space, I had one of those storied “Eureka!” moments. During my company’s Annual “Kids Science Day,” we turned the office into an interactive laboratory where kids made their shampoos, bubble baths, bath bombs, and more. I was awe-struck at how “into it” they all were. Donning lab coats and goggles, they mixed and giggled the entire afternoon away. On my drive home, I dreamed up Dabble & Dollop as a way to bottle that sense of magic, experimentation, and imagination in a way that kids across the country could also enjoy. 

I tried an experiment at home that night as I struggled to get my three kids into the tub. I gave them several small bottles of the base gels we used that day, some of my bath whip, and each a little cup. The scrambling and screaming turned into quiet focus as I watched my children mix the bubble bath with the shampoos, with each of them “announcing” their own “brand new recipes.” It was confirmation that I was on to something, and I knew we could create a better bath experience compared to what was on the market at the time. 

I love that my inspiration ultimately came from a moment with my children (that's actually my youngest here)! I knew that they, and most children, love to “make stuff.” Look at Minecraft, Roblox, and the great slime craze sweeping the country. They are all evidence that kids love to mix, make, and create. I feel that tapping into their imaginations would make bath time so much more fun for kids and, in turn, more manageable for parents. I think it is so important that kids engage with, and feel connected to, their products and experience them in a more meaningful way.

And that is how Dabble & Dollop was born!

Soon after launching Dabble & Dollop’s all-natural scented bath products, I used my natural ingredient expertise to launch a range of fragrance-free products designed for infant skin and for children who suffer from eczema.  I saw that many baby brands eliminate scent and market their products as safe for eczema, even though they contain dozens of natural extracts and oils that can also be eczema triggers!  We eliminated any potential for allergens by removing extracts and oils and added a proprietary Beta-Glucan to support the delicate skin barrier.

From the very beginning, I knew we had to formulate with as few ingredients as possible, thus reducing exposures for our little ones, without sacrificing product performance or quality. And I did this by sourcing our natural ingredients exclusively from US producers. The vast majority of brands do not have a natural ingredient expert at the helm, and therefore buycheaper ingredients from China that are not created with the same US standards for safety. In fact, my experience showed me that too often Chinese-sourced ingredients are riddled with impurities- impurities that you will never read about on product labels!  Don’t believe me?  Just look at the market research on Chinese mothers – the data clearly shows their preference for US made baby products.  My dream was to create a
better experience for kids and help parents find they truly want – the safest ingredients and the safest products for their families.

And that is how Dabble & Dollop was born!


    Safety is our #1 priority and it’s why we invest heavily to make our products here in the US and thoroughly test every product we sell.


    Dabble & Dollop has grown from sending out our products to 96 families pre-launch to now having 1000's of reviews from families that trust our brand.


    Bath-time can be creative time. We look to inspire a love of science, creativity, and mindfulness through the beauty of bubble bath!

Our Ingredients

Our products are plant-derived, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, cruelty-free, phthalate-free, SLS-free, paraben-free & nut-free. We source our ingredients exclusively from the United States and rigorously test with dermatologists, ophthalmologists, third-party testing companies, and focus groups - ensuring what you put on your child's skin is as safe and gentle as possible.