Stephanie Leshney spent twenty years in the natural ingredient business and ran one of the largest ingredient suppliers in the Western US. She dreamed up Dabble & Dollop as a way to bottle the sense of magic, experimentation and imagination she witnessed during her family business’ annual “Kids Science Day”, where she turned the office into an interactive laboratory where kids made their own shampoos, bubble baths and more. The event proved a great way to create smiles through science.

It was at home later that evening, while giving her own three bubble bath-crazed toddlers a bath, that the product idea for Dabble & Dollop started to take shape. She watched as her kids mixed the bubble bath with the shampoo and recognized an opportunity to create a better bath experience.

Her twenty years of natural and specialty ingredient experience, along with her vast contacts within the industry, allowed her to create the simple, safe, exceptionally clean formulations behind Dabble & Dollop.

Stephanie worked for 22 years in her family business, ROSS Organic Specialty Sales, serving as President of ROSS from 2012-2017. In addition, she is a 20+ year member of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SCC) & Board Chair of the Calif. Society of Cosmetic Chemists (2017), EY Los Angeles Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist (2016 & 2017), and a member of IBA (Independent Beauty Association). Stephanie is a Member of the Board of Directors of the Aquarium of the Pacific, The Ronald McDonald House - Long Beach, and Member of the Board of Trustees of the California Science Center. Follow Stephanie's blog, “Bubble Thoughts" for the latest news on the company, industry news, random musings and innovations in the children's bath and personal care space.

It’s time to give your kids products  designed specifically for them.


Your toddler is no longer a passive, sensitive-skinned baby. It’s time to toss the non-foaming baby shampoo and trash the squeezable mold-infested toys that have been housed in your tub the last two years. It’s time to give your kids products designed specifically for them. With our 3-1 Mixables, the products themselves become the centerpiece of the bath experience- watch as your kids Dabble & Dollop and blend up a better bath!


Dabble & Dollop is all about a less-is-more ethos. Mindful consumption. Your child’s bathtub does not need endless heaps of bath toys. Clear the clutter and let your kids Dabble & Dollop in the tub. Our products become the toy! Our formulations are made with less than 10 ingredients. All ingredients have been carefully selected, sustainably sourced and sustainably produced using a cold-process method of production. Don’t fall for an unnecessarily long ingredient deck- when is the last time you ate a snack bar with more than 6 ingredients?!

A Proven Concept: 

Kid Tested & Family Approved

We sent our product kit, while under development, to 96 families for testing. Not only did we learn what scents the kids and parents loved most and how to improve the product aesthetics, we also learned that 100% of parents surveyed said they would purchase Dabble & Dollop products over their current body wash. Several parents reflected that it made bath time so much better and that it would be the perfect special gift for a birthday party. In addition to this consumer testing, we conducted extensive safety testing, ensuring our products are ultra-mild, tear-free, and properly preserved


Dabble & Dollop is much more than a bubble bath brand. Dabble & Dollop has a greater purpose, to inspire creativity and an interest in science. We love to support STEAM / STEM non-profits and aim to become a platform for inspiring a better understanding of natural ingredients and a love of science in children. We love to visit elementary schools and give kids the opportunity to mix and make their own shampoos while in the classroom. We look to inspire a love of science through the beauty of bubble bath! If you work for a STEAM/STEM non-profit and believe Dabble & Dollop could be a good partner, please reach out to