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"After spending over 20 years in the natural ingredients space, I was finally able to create the children's product line I always wanted to use...but hadn't been able to find."

-Stephanie Leshney, Founder

I spent my entire professional career in the natural ingredient industry running one of the largest ingredient suppliers in California. When I sold our business, it gave me the opportunity to create the infant and children’s products I knew I wanted to use on my own three little ones! 

Unlike just about every other baby & child care brand available, I take pride that our products were created by an actual ingredient expert.  As much as I'd like to be, I'm not a Hollywood movie star (like Jessica Alba or Kylie Jenner), and I'm no social-media marketer (like just about every other kids brand out there). Ultimately, I am a mother who understands ingredients, whose father was a cosmetic chemist, and yes, loves to create fun, science-based products. 

Dabble Ducky™ is designed for the most delicate of skin types – infant skin, eczema-prone skin, and dry/irritated skin. Our proprietary beta-glucan, Beta Baby™, works to improve the infant skin's barrier function. The skin barrier of an infant is 20-30% thinner than a child's (or adult’s) skin. Furthermore, it's commonly known that the skin’s barrier function gets compromised by an array of skin diseases (e.g. eczema, atopic dermatitis). Dabble Ducky is made with all-natural, vegan, pure, safe ingredients...all made in the USA. Unlike other infant & baby brands, Dabble Ducky does not contain any fragrance or essential oils and uses fewer than 10 ingredients.

Dabble & Dollop™ is designed for the toddler/child ("I'm NOT a baby!") that is starting to state their own preferences. Tastes change, and if your children are anything like ours, they probably don't want to use unscented products anymore or products that smell like lavender, chamomile, or calendula. (BTW, can a kid even say calendula?) Our single-note fruit SmartScent™ ingredient makes bathing endlessly fun, easy, and most importantly safe for kids. I firmly believe that great smelling, safe, and fun can co-exist in your toddler's bath!  The simple act of mixing makes bath time magical, especially for those finicky toddlers who refuse to take a bath. Our ingredients are natural, vegan, pure, and clean – as is our SmartScent ingredient which makes the safest, most delicious-smelling products possible.

It’s time to give your babies & children products specifically designed for their unique skin needs.


Safety is our #1 priority and it's why we invest heavily to thoroughly test every product we sell. Believe me when I tell you testing is expensive! We use leading U.S.-based third-party testing companies to do HRIPT (sensitivity testing to ensure no adverse effects like redness/irritation), PET (preservative efficacy testing, necessary to ensure no bacteria/mold can grow in the product), In-Package Stability (necessary to ensure the pH and specifications remain exactly as safety tested when sitting in your bath-tub for months) and Tear-Free Certification (important to ensure the safest bathing experience). In fact, we'd love it if you asked the founders of the other brands you use what they do for product testing! Let us know! 

A Proven Concept: 

Kid Tested & Family Approved

Before we launched, we sent our products to 96 families for testing. Now we have nearly 1,000 REAL reviews!!! Not only did we learn what scents the kids and parents loved most and how to improve the product aesthetics, we also learned that 100% of parents surveyed said they would purchase Dabble & Dollop products over their current body wash. Several parents reflected that it made bath time so much better and that it would be the perfect special gift for a birthday party. In addition to this consumer testing, we conducted extensive safety testing, ensuring our products are ultra-mild, tear-free, and properly preserved.


Dabble & Dollop is much more than a bubble bath brand. Dabble & Dollop has a greater purpose, to inspire creativity and an interest in science. We love to support STEAM / STEM non-profits and aim to become a platform for inspiring a better understanding of natural ingredients and a love of science in children. We love to visit elementary schools and give kids the opportunity to mix and make their own shampoos while in the classroom. We look to inspire a love of science through the beauty of bubble bath! If you work for a STEAM/STEM non-profit and believe Dabble & Dollop could be a good partner, please reach out to

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